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HRC Services


Prevention and Education

In order to protect survivors and provide a way out of slavery, we need to reach those who need our help. That's why our street and school outreaches exist. We also offer education and training for individuals and groups regarding how sex trafficking is affecting our communities and how to get involved.


Healing and Recovery

Once survivors are safe and secure, we need to begin healing the many wounds and traumas they've come out of: sex trafficking, homelessness, poverty, abuse, and more. We offer a 9-month long-term restoration program for trafficking survivors, transitional housing, and full-time care. 


Resident Reintegration

Life after trafficking can be scary for survivors. We work to reintegrate those with traumatic pasts back into society. We do this with additional 9-months of transitional housing for our residents, mentoring, internships, and support with the help of local churches and businesses that provide a healthy community and the opportunity to thrive.