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Church Engagement

HRC Ministries is excited to partner with you! Your church can make a real difference in anti-trafficking. Through education, prevention, and ministry to the women in HRC's program, you extend the love of Jesus to some of the most vulnerable. 

Fill out the form below and HRC will coordinate with you on how your church can best serve at HRC Ministries.

Events and Fundraisers

Your church, youth group, or small group can help raise goods and funds for survivors of trafficking. Create an event for your church or the community.

Seminars and Trainings

The first step to stopping sex trafficking is prevention and education. HRC can train your church or small group about how to spot grooming or even active trafficking.

Volunteering and Projects

Bring your church or group to serve at HRC Ministries. You can also coordinate with HRC to serve on a single project to help survivors of trafficking.

Your Church Can Help Trafficking Survivors.

Fill out the form below and we'll contact you to find out how HRC and your church can support each other.

  • Serve your community in an impactful way
  • Partner to help the most vulnerable in your community
  • Offer your church a unique way to minister the love of Christ