The HRC Anti-Trafficking Residential Program is a 6–18-month faith-based adult female-only program for survivors of sex trafficking. We provide each resident with a variety of daily classes and activities during the week to learn the personal skills required to re-engage in a restorative life after sexual exploitation. Included as part of our program is weekly individual trauma therapy for each resident.

The first week is a trial week for both residents and HRC to ensure goodness of fit. A resident is only asked to commit to 6 months upon entering the program. 

Helpful Information For You To Know

  1. Possession and use of substances of any kind will not be permitted under any circumstances.  This is a sober program. This includes possession of drug-related material.
  2. During Phase One there is no email, Facebook, cell phone, or internet allowed.  These are necessary safety precautions to keep all our residents safe.
  3. If you own a car, you will not be able to use it while living at the Phase One house.  It will be stored in the bus barn at the house. 
  4. All outings with visitors MUST be approved by the House Manager and/or Client Support Coordinator and arrangements made at least 24 hours in advance. 
  5. Curfew Times: Monday-Thursday-10 pm, Fri. & Sat. – 11 pm.  Monday 5 pm for dinner & House Meeting. 
  6. There are no passes/visitors for the first 30 days in the program aside from talking with one established social service provider and/or designated safe person (children are the exception).
  7. The HRC home is not a lockdown facility. The client is free to leave if she chooses. If a client chooses to leave, her bed may be held for 72 hours, in the hopes that she will decide to return. 
  8. There is no fee required to be in the HRC program.
  9. Smoking/vaping of tobacco products is only allowed outside only. Rolling your own cigarettes is not allowed.
  10. HRC Ministries is a faith-based program that does require attendance to daily devotion time. We do not require participation.  Faith and Christianity are an integral part of our program and are taught daily. Residents attend church on Sundays as part of their weekend routine. 

Apply for the program below. Fill out the form and our staff will respond within 48 hours.